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Generation and Dosing Skids

Water Driven OXICAT Chlorine Dioxide

The Water Driven OXICAT Chlorine Dioxide Generation and Dosing System Skids have been designed for the disinfection of rural water and/or water where access to electricity is a challenge. This system operates completely from the water pressure in the line to be treated.
Principle of Operation

The skid is a fully inclusive system comprising of:

  • Precursor chemical storage tanks
  • Chlorine dioxide generation system
  • Chlorine dioxide batch tank
  • Chlorine dioxide dosing system

The skid is tied directly into the line for which treatment is required. The water pressure drives hydraulically driven pumps which generates a 2g/L chlorine dioxide solution into a chlorine dioxide batch tank on a batching principle (batch between a high level and low level). From the batch tank a hydraulically driven pump doses the chlorine dioxide into the water to be disinfected on a flow proportional process.


The chlorine dioxide is generated via the following reaction:
2NaCIO2 + 2HCI + NaOCI ->2CIO2 + 3NaCI + H2O
Our OXICAT Chlorine Dioxide Generators generate CIO2 solution with the following specification:

  • Concentration of 2g/L – 3g/L
  • pH between 3,5-7 depending upon motive water
  • Stability of 4 weeks with probable loss in concentration of 10-15% depending upon storage conditions.
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Our systems include the following safety features:

  • No water flow = no chlorine dioxide generation.
  • Low level shot off valve for each precursor chemical storage tank.
  • Submerged reactor.
  • Chlorine dioxide batch tank – High level shut off valve


Our systems have the following configurable specifications available:

  • Chlorine dioxide generation capacity of up to 300g/hr
  • Precursor chemical storage tank sizing of: 50L, 100L, 250L and 500L
  • Chlorine dioxide batch tank sizes of 250L and 500L
  • Water flow treatment ranges of:
  • Less than 2.5m3/hr
  • 2.5-6m3/hr
  • 6-25m3/hr
  • 25-50m3/hr
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