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Compact Power Solution
The Compact Power Solution is a small backup power unit that has a 3kw inverter and 6kwh battery back-up and is designed for the small home or power needed to keep the critical operating equipment running during hours of load shedding.

Diesel Generator Optimisation
The diesel generator optimisation known as the DGO is designed to give the operator a guaranteed 53 percent fuel saving and it has a 1000 hour service interval further reducing the opex costs related to BTS sites as some of these sites are a challenge to get access to for various reasons this equipment has been successfully trialled in a live network situation in Nigeria which has the most severe off grid conditions.

Energy Efficient Filtration System
The filtration system is designed to remove 4kW worth of heat load from a BTS site utilising 100 percent free cooling. This in turn reduces the need for traditional inefficient aircon systems. The solution is highly cost effective and is designed in particular to be retrofitted to the current BTS sites. For more details download it here.

High Temperature Batteries
4-Way Battery Cabinets
The 4 way batter cabinet is designed to provide the platinum sites that require 100 percent uptime with reliable power. These systems utilise the General Electric SMH batteries which have a very small footprint and can recharge fully in less than 2 hours and can accept up to 100 amps charge rate. These batteries require no cooling and have 10 000 cycles.

Multi Power Solution
This solution allows a large or office home with 40Kwh backup with a 5kw inverter and the option to add solar for added redundancy.  This solution is compact and is grid tied.

Purpose Built Generator Systems
Servatis build customer specific generator sets with long run service interval options available.

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Total BTS Power Solution
This unique product offers the turnkey BTS solution to the customer incorporating the power system site monitoring remote access and control with solar wind and MPPT generator integration t is also capable of pumping energy back into the grid as well as a complete free cooling and aircon built in with a very small footprint.
The system is very competitive commercially and has significant opex savings.

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