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Servatis represents a specialist division within the company that is able to offer a wide range of solutions and services to the telecoms industry by combining Engineering, Design and Manufacturing of products in house or through sourcing of products through key agencies that are held with several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) such as Bladeroom for Data Centres and General Electric for batteries.
Our client focus approach is based on the following key points:

  • Adding value
  • We generate our income out of the savings created by our products
  • Meeting present and projected needs through appropriate bespoke turnkey solutions.
  • Being accessible to our customer through a streamlined organisation structure
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Constant collaboration with clients through the entire lifecycle of our solutions
  • Relationship management.
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Servatis is an award winning supplier of Green telecommunications infrastructure and won the prestigious Data Centre Dynamics award in 2012 for Africa’s first green data centre. The company is able to provide energy efficient systems based on intrinsic design philosophy of energy efficiency combined with the ability to utilize alternative energy sources such as solar and wind.
Servatis was founded by Brandon Harcus who has built a solid team and the business around this team.
Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing sectors across the continent. Servatis has developed several unique products that provide strategic competitive advantage and are manufactured locally but generally tacked on a project type basis.

  • Power Management Systems provide control, management and reporting for all telecommunication sites
    Off-grid and “green sites” specifically designed in conjunction with MTN and currently supplied across the country and continent
  • Servatis is the African Agent for Bladeroom and Coldlogik offering data centre solutions. In 2012 Servatis won the coveted International Data Centre of the Year award for most efficient data centre using this technology.
  • Diesel Generator Optimisation combines diesel generators with smart power management systems and batteries and other renewable sources such as wind or solar to reduce operating time using diesel alone

Further to this we offer the following products that are considered off the shelf type solutions. Additional or general products and services that are considered off the shelf and are listed below:

  • Total BTS Power Solution
  • Total Turnkey Off-Grid Power Solution
  • BTS Optimisation
  • Multi Power Solution
  • Rapid Deployment Tower Solution
  • Energy Efficient Filtration System
  • Mobile Trailer
  • Diesel Generator Optimisation
  • High Temperature Batteries
  • Compact Power Solution
  • Purpose Built Generators
  • Data Centre Power and Cooling
  • Data Centre Build
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