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Servatis offers a wide range of solutions and services to the telecoms, data center and mining industry by combining Engineering, Design and Manufacturing of products in house or through sourcing of products through key agencies that are held with several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) such as Bladeroom for Data Centres and General Electric for batteries. The company is able to provide energy efficient systems based on intrinsic design philosophy of energy efficiency combined with the ability to utilize alternative energy sources such as solar and wind.

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Telco Solutions

The Rapid Deployment Tower solution is true to its name. This tower is easily erected using pre-cast concrete blocks held together by post tensioning bars and has various tower height options from 12 to 60m.

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Turnkey Projects

This Diesel Generator Optimisation solution is ideal for sites that have no grid power options and have a high power usage within a small site footprint. Sites such as these sites cannot utilise solar due to size constraints.

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Power Solutions

This solution allows a large or office home with 40Kwh backup with a 5kw inverter and the option to add solar for added redundancy. This solution is compact and is grid tied.

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Data Centre Solutions

We have successfully built the first Bladeroom technology green data park in South Africa winning the world’s best data centre medium sized innovation award in 2011.

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Sodium Metal Halide (SMH) Batteries

Sodium Metal Halide (SMH) Batteries – these batteries contain very little amounts of precious metals. The battery has a storage capacity of 15 kWh (55V, 276Ah) with an effective 13 kWh at a depth of discharge of 85%. These batteries operate on a sodium electrolyte and the chemical process allows for much larger cycle capacity and life. The battery can complete 5000 deep cycles and 10 000 shallow cycles. The image below provides a breakdown of the battery’s construction. The Durathon SMH battery is not subjected to the C10 recharge rate rule as the battery can be charge with a maximum of 100A without damaging the battery. This lead to faster recharging of the battery after a deep discharge cycle of the battery.

The GE Durathon SMH battery has a Battery Management System that control charge and discharge cycles. The BMS can be programmed to perform a number of functions. The desired limits as per the customer’s requirements will be programmed accordingly. Due to the small foot print of the GE Durathon SMH battery it requires less space for installation.

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Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing sectors across the continent. Servatis has developed several unique products that provide strategic competitive advantage and are manufactured locally but generally tacked on a project type basis.

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